The world’s leading ADAT prep program that delivers top percentile scores year-after-year.

Knockout the ADAT exam with our all-in-one prep program.
“If you want to ace the ADAT while maintaining your sanity, look no further. Through their highly reflective questions and concise explanations, this will save you hours of wasted time and effort. Pound-for-pound, this is the best resource for the ADAT test.”
Gregory Yunov
Gregory Yunov, MD/DDS, OMFS Resident
ADAT Overall: 94th Percentile

The only resource

The one and only resource you need to ace the ADAT

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    ADAT Knockout™ has earned its reputation as the premier ADAT prep program on the planet by designing a meticulously refined collection of ~1,300 high-yield practice questions (with thorough yet concise explanations).
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    Our team at ADAT Knockout™ has saved you hours upon hours of painstaking research into the types of questions that accurately cover the breadth of content tested by the ADAT.
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    By working through our problems to efficiently whittle away your weaknesses, you can expect career-boosting results like this:
“There is so much information that is learned in dental school and ADAT Knockout helps to focus on the most important topics. My biggest regret was wasting time on dental board resources before starting ADAT KO. If I were to take it again, I would 100% use ADAT Knockout as my only resource in my preparation for the exam.”
Steve Bunke
Steven Bunker, Board Certified Orthodontist
ADAT Overall: 99th Percentile

Built for serious students

Built for serious dental students and dentists who value their time

When our expert team of dental students, general dentists, and specialists came together in 2017 to create ADAT Knockout™, we were determined to solve this burning problem:

Without the proper tools and guidance…

…studying for the ADAT takes forever.

With so much content to cover, it’s easy to get overwhelmed even just knowing where to start!

To pour salt in the wound, most ADAT programs preach that more content is better (to justify filling their modules with fluff and fracturing your focus in a million directions as a result).

Instead, we’ve invested years of effort and countless dollars of research & development into bringing you cherry-picked, data-based questions and clinical case situations that most accurately reflect what you’ll see on the ADAT.
ADAT Knockout was nearly identical to the ADAT. Data Research and Interpretation was my worst nightmare before ADAT Knockout and it was able to turn it into one of my highest scoring subjects. It would be a huge mistake to take your ADAT without preparing with this program first.”
Neha Gupta, DDS Candidate
ADAT Overall: 99th Percentile
“I used this to study for the ADAT exclusively. It was very easy to use and the answer explanations are the best source of information. The questions style and level of difficulty were spot on. My classmates also used Knockout and said that their exam was almost identical to what was seen in Knockout. Many questions I had on the test I remembered from the explanations from Knockout.
Susan Strommer
Susan Strommer, DDS
ADAT Overall: 83th Percentile
“I had been out of dental school for six years when I started studying for the ADAT, and Knockout helped me focus my studies on the most important concepts. ADAT knockout was my primary source of information… When it came time to take the test, it was comforting to see that the ADAT was very similar to the ADAT knockout. I would not have done nearly as well on the ADAT without this program!
Kristine Lunger, DDS
ADAT Overall: 97th Percentile
I used ADATKnockout thoroughly to understand more about the type of questions that were asked. With so much that could potentially be on the exam, having a trusted resource to narrow down the material is the most important strategy to score well. ADAT Knockout is exactly that!”
Arjun Dhanny
Arjun Dhanny, DMD
ADAT Overall: 94th Percentile

Yearly updates

Content updated EVERY year

Plus, just like the ADAT sprinkles new content into the test year after year while keeping their core questions the same, so do we!

In ADAT Knockout™, you’ll find yearly updates and content that has stayed with the times - not made once and forgotten about.
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Bottom line?
As our students will tell you, once you claim instant access to ADAT Knockout™, you can expect results like this:
“ADAT knockout is a fantastic preparatory program for anyone writing the ADAT exam. My queries regarding the program were promptly answered by the ADAT Knockout Team even before I subscribed for it! It was the best decision I made when it came to my exam preparation. The subject matter is thorough, extensive and all answers have very good explanations. I managed to score in the 99th percentile because I felt confident and well prepared at the time of the exam, all thanks to ADAT KNOCKOUT!!”
Ashima Razdan, DDS Candidate
ADAT Overall: 99th Percentile
And this...
“The ADAT knockout practice exams were a huge asset to my studying. The question bank offered questions similar in style and in content to the real exam and helped me identify key concepts to review. ADAT knockout questions guided my studying and the explanations helped me learn facts that I had forgotten. This resource was key to the score I got on my exam, which allowed me to get into one of my top choice residency programs.”
Abigail Baldwin
Abigail Baldwin, DDS Candidate
ADAT Overall: 99th Percentile

What your missing

A glimpse of what’s waiting for you in ADAT Knockout™

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    Proprietary, high-yield practice questions: discover the ONLY 1,300 practice questions you need to ace the ADAT! All questions come with thorough, clear, and concise explanations so you’ll know exactly where you went wrong (and how to avoid such mistakes on the actual exam!).
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    Accurate simulation of the actual exam: Questions can be taken in the form of full-length exams, sectional tests, individual or fully customized via our “create a test” functionality! Feel confident and composed on test day by taking a variety of questions in a range of formats that reflect the actual ADAT. You get unlimited access to our treasure trove of materials for 90 days!
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    Countless top-percentile students since 2017: ADAT Knockout™ is the longest-standing and most reputable ADAT prep program on the planet. And for good reason: our students get extraordinary, top-percentile results every single year. If you want to feel confident you’ll ace the ADAT, then look no further than ADAT Knockout™’s track record of student wins. Our program works, and we have the proof to back it up!
But before we go any further, please understand that…
ADAT Knockout™ is NOT for everybody.

You’re a good fit

You’re a good fit for ADAT Knockout™ if:

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    You’re determined to score in the TOP percentiles of the ADAT.
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    You appreciate that 80% of outcomes come from 20% of inputs - and so you’d rather go over a small set of high-yield content more than once versus diluting your efforts by attempting a greater number of lower yield questions.
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    You’re busy and value your precious time. You want a simple yet robust solution to help you prepare for the ADAT.

You’re not a good fit

You’re NOT a good fit for ADAT Knockout™ if:

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    You’re just trying to check a box, and you don’t really care whether you crush it on the ADAT or not.
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    You’re looking for a quick fix and don’t have the time to go work through the program and develop your highlighted areas of improvement.
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    You’d rather spend a significant amount of time navigating boatloads of material versus investing in a well-curated shortlist of only-the-most-accurate-and-important materials that have been proven to yield outstanding test scores.
Our prestigious training program has achieved and maintained its bulletproof reputation since 2017 partly due to the students we aim to attract.
image adat knockout
The reason is simple… ADAT Knockout™ is for serious, driven students only who value their time and want to invest in the best program - not the cheapest.

If that sounds like you, then I invite you to upgrade your ADAT Knockout™ membership today, and unlock 90 days of unlimited access to our proven resources for a one-time investment of $290:

Real student reviews

Countless students who went from DDS icon arrow right Specialist with ADAT Knockout..

“I spent two months studying almost exclusively from ADAT Knockout’s program. When I took the exam, there really were no surprises! I felt very well prepared for the test day, all thanks to ADAT Knockout!”
Britteny Zito
Britteny Zito, Orthodontist
ADAT Overall: 95th Percentile
“ADAT Knockout was the only thing I used to study for the ADAT and I felt it was extremely effective. My ADAT score wound up being very influential in my interviews.”
Shiloh Golden
Shiloh Golden, Orthodontist
ADAT Overall: 98th Percentile
“There is so much information that is learned in dental school and ADAT Knockout helps to focus on the most important topics. Their explanations and targeted problems were critical to understanding the depth of the exam and focus my studying. My biggest regret was wasting time on dental board resources before starting ADAT KO. If I were to do it again, I would 100% use this program as my only resource in guiding my preparation for the exam. The ADAT was very similar to the preparatory material. ADAT Knockout presented material that I did not think was important when studying, but turned out to be on the actual exam.”
Steve Bunke
Steven Bunker, Board Certified Orthodontist
ADAT Overall: 99th Percentile
“I believe ADAT Knockout is 100% worth getting! It’s a great resource that explains each answer very well. I studied using ADAT Knockout primarily, supplemented with old notes/textbooks, and achieved the highest score this round.”
Domenic Digioia
Domenic Digiolia, OMFS Resident
ADAT Overall: 99th Percentile
“This is hands down, the best resource for the ADAT. Between their reflective questions, accurate and clear explanations, and easy to use software, it’s worth the investment. Don’t waste your time with anything else - you need to get this.”
Sholom Levitin
Sholom Levitin, Endodontist
ADAT Overall: 94th Percentile
“After studying for the National Board exam I used ADAT Knockout tests to evaluate my knowledge and studied their detailed responses carefully. Through its comprehensive questions and detailed answers, Knockout really helped me organize my studies. I got an amazing result on the exam and my ADAT scores had a meaningful, positive effect on my admission process. As an international dentist, I then got accepted to my favorite program, all thanks to ADAT Knockout. Totally worth it.”
Hajir Rahimi
Hajir Rahimi, Board Certified Orthodontist
ADAT Overall: 99th Percentile
“ADAT Knockout provides great explanations for all their questions, accurately depicts the style and content of the ADAT, and provides practice tests that help gauge your progress. I would definitely recommend using Knockout to anyone preparing for the ADAT!”
Kelsie Pittel
Kelsie J. Pittel, Endodontist
ADAT Overall: 94th Percentile
“I thought the program was very effective. I could not have scored as well without it. The questions were clearly well thought out to be as comprehensive and tactful as possible. They pack a punch! Thank you very much for providing this study aid!”
James Mcintosh, Endodontist
ADAT Overall: 92th Percentile
“I used this program 1 month before my test and studied 4 hours a day. Ultimately, I found the content very accurate relative to the ADAT and a fantastic resource for ADAT prep.”
Tiffany Chien, Endodontist
ADAT Overall: 81th Percentile
“Excellent program! To master the material, I took all of the practice tests and memorized the information on the questions I got wrong. All in all, got the job done.”
Allison Wexler, Pediatric Dentist
ADAT Overall: 83th Percentile
“ADAT KO was my saving grace! Spared me from having to decide what to study and what not to study by questioning and outlining almost anything of relative importance. Very reflective resource!”
Melissa Bell
Melissa Bell, Pediatric Dentist
ADAT Overall: 94th Percentile
“I went through all the sections, made flashcards for the info, studied the info, and then took the tests the last time through. I studied using ADAT Knockout alone and brushed up with some class notes. While I wasn’t sure of how well I’d do after taking the exam, it was clear once I got my results that the program that the ADAT KO team built works - its very effective. Achieving the score I did was definitely helpful in admission to endo programs. At one interview I was told “this is the highest score I’ve seen.” Thank you!”
Mara Nobel, Endodontist
ADAT Overall: 97th Percentile
“I studied for like 3-4 weeks, trying for a few hours a day. ADAT knockout was the only resource I used, and it worked well. I did all the practice questions/tests and looked up anything I wasn't totally sure on. For me, ADAT Knockout was much harder than the real ADAT, and I think that definitely helped. My first attempts at practice tests I felt like I never once got higher than 60-65% correct. Ultimately though, all those wrong answers helped! Highly recommend it!”
Kieran Mullarney, Orthodontist
ADAT Overall: 99th Percentile

Built for serious students

Why do we offer 90 days of access - not less?

Between applications, work/school, and life, we know you are super busy. And the last thing you want is another deadline ticking away.

ADAT Knockout™’s 3 months of unlimited access allows you to study at your own pace and complete your preparation at ease.

Think you'll finish all the content early? We don't doubt you! BUT some of the highest scorers to ever take the ADAT have gone through our questions several times. With our program, you'll have the time to do so too!
“I relied on ADAT Knockout thoroughly for 2 months leading up to my exam, especially for Biomedical Sciences and Data interpretation and evidence based dentistry. I felt quite prepared for the questions in the ADAT exam because the preparatory questions in ADAT knockout were thorough and extensive.”
Ashima Razdan, International Dentist
ADAT Overall: 99th Percentile
“Knowing I had 3 months to use the program was a huge help considering I had to study while in clinic full time. It covered all of the material I was tested on for my actual exam, and I seldom needed to look elsewhere for further explanations. It also fit in perfectly with my lifestyle as I was able to do practice questions on the go, and save difficult questions I needed a refresher on later on. Highly highly recommend!”
Rachel Sabs
Rachel Sabs, DDS Candidate
ADAT Overall: 91th Percentile

What do I get?

Everything you get with ADAT Knockout™

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    High-yield practice tests containing the ONLY 1,300 premium practice questions you need to knockout the ADAT. (Say goodbye to overwhelm and anxiety!)
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    Questions can be taken in the form of full-length exams, sectional tests, individual or fully customized via our “create a test” functionality!
  • icon dentists
    Built by dentists FOR dentists: our unique and proprietary questions were written by a team of dental specialists, dentists, and dental students. Learn from leaders in the dental field.
  • icon calendar
    Always up-to-date: Every year, we update ADAT Knockout™ with a small, ultra high-yield batch of new questions by that year’s top scoring students.
  • icon layout
    ADAT Knockout's sleek, user-friendly interface lets you gauge your progress with ease so you know which topics to focus on - and which topics you can safely put on the back-burner.
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    Precise practice tests are curated by relative importance to spare you the time, effort, and agony of having to decide what to study and what not to study. (Instead of throwing 4,500+ questions at you and saying "good luck"!)
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    Founded in 2017, ADAT Knockout is the longest-standing ADAT prep program on the planet. Study with confidence by choosing a reputable organization that has withstood the test of time.
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    Countless glowing reviews from students in the USA and abroad who have dominated the ADAT leaderboard year-after-year.
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    Accurately depicts the actual ADAT: ADAT Knockout offers the most precise and representative material on the market.
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    Features thorough and thoughtful explanations with topic review and Knockout High-Yield Facts to help you understand where you went wrong, and how to avoid tricky mistakes on test day.
  • icon access
    You get immediate and unlimited access to ADAT Knockout's treasure trove of materials for 90 days, which is more than enough time to prepare for the ADAT!
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    A proven way to learn the ADAT materials: our simulated exam and questions are one of the most effective strategies to learn, recall, and remember content.
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    Mirrors realistic ADAT conditions and formatting: Prepare yourself by simulating realistic test-day conditions with accurate ADAT format and time controls.
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    Access our materials from ANY device - desktop, mobile, or tablet - so you can prepare within your busy schedule!
“ADAT Knockout was the only resource I used for studying and it was more than enough. Even with only a week to prepare for the test, it was worth the cost of the program. It has a great user interface and its question explanations provide much more ability to review material than the questions themselves. I had heard that my classmates left the ADAT exam thinking they failed; with ADAT Knockout, that was not my feeling leaving the testing center.”
Travis Clayton
Clayton J Travis, DDS
ADAT Overall: 98th Percentile
What happens when I purchase ADAT Knockout™?
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When you upgrade your ADAT Knockout™ here, you will get instant access to our online, web
browser-based collection of ADAT prep materials for 90 days.

See the next question, “How does ADAT Knockout™ work?” for a detailed breakdown of the ~ 1,300
high-yield questions within.
How does ADAT Knockout™ work?
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ADAT Knockout™ is an online, web browser-based collection of ADAT prep materials.

Our vault of ~ 1,300 high-yield questions... Is organized into two categories:

To simulate test day conditions, we have 1,000 questions arranged in 5 full length exams and in the format of 15 separate sectional tests. (These questions are timed to accurately reflect the exam.)

To give you more flexibility, we also included 400 questions you can attempt individually (via the "bonus question" section of your dashboard).

And to give you even MORE control over your ADAT prep experience... We recently launched a brand new feature where you can create your own test! Mix and match ANY of the 1,300 questions, however you'd like.

(Think of it like a "build your own pizza," but instead of pepperoni and mushrooms, it'll be a dash of nikolsky and a sprinkle of occlusion!)

There is no physical product and so it doesn’t require shipping. You can access the membership area on your desktop, mobile, or tablet device - 24/7 for 90 days.
Who is ADAT Knockout™ for?
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ADAT Knockout™ is intended for US-based or international students who want to score in the top percentiles of the ADAT.

Our program has been meticulously crafted to cover the depth and breadth of content using the appropriate number of questions to achieve an excellent result.

Our research has proven that significantly increasing the number of questions would only serve to dilute the high yield information that our question base of 1,300 currently covers. Going over our content more than once, works to your advantage and is an ideal use of your time versus attempting new, lower yield questions.
How much does ADAT Knockout™ cost?
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You can unlock unlimited access to ADAT Knockout™ for 90 days for a one-time investment of $290 USD.

There are no recurring charges or hidden fees. Just a one-time payment of $290 USD.
Does ADAT Knockout™ work on mobile devices and tablets?
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Yes, ADAT Knockout™ works on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. That means you can study for your ADAT on-the-go!
How long before the ADAT should I expect to study for?
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Test takers reported the most success when they allowed themselves 2-3 months to study for the exam.
If I’m studying for the INBDE already, why do I need to buy ADAT Knockout™ if my INBDE resources cover the same topics?
icon arrow right
Indeed, both exams are sourced from the same pool of content. But the selection and style of questions are very different.

For example, the INBDE is pass/fail whereas the ADAT is a scored exam.

Also, the INBDE has a total of 500 questions whereas the ADAT only has 200 questions. (And of the ADAT's 200 questions, 40 of which are on Data, Research and Interpretation - a subject unique to the ADAT.)

The ADAT is also much more specific and comprehensive in the way they ask questions versus the INBDE. So, the ADAT requires more rigorous and meticulously developed resources than the INBDE.Because the INBDE is pass/fail, it provides more wiggle room for error versus the ADAT. But since your ADAT score translates to a percentile, you don't only need to score well... You also need to outperform relative to other students.

At the end of the day, ADAT Knockout will empower you to ace the ADAT with peace of mind - while buying back time to do other things you love!
If I buy ADAT Knockout™ and want to extend my subscription beyond the standard 90-day period, can I do that?
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All paid members with active subscriptions have the ability to utilize a one time extension prior to their account expiration. The extensions can be purchased at a 20 day increment of your choice. Our rate for extensions is: $90 for every additional 20 days. You may extend your subscription by clicking on the “Extend Subscription” button on the left sidebar. From there, you may select the duration you’d like to extend to.

But please note that once your 90-day subscription has expired, the only way to “extend” your subscription is to re-subscribe to ADAT Knockout for another 90-day period (for $290).
When was the content in ADAT Knockout™ most recently updated?
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We add batches of questions every year in the bonus questions sections based on feedback we receive from the year's test takers. You can rest assured the content will be up-to-date for this year...
Should I use ADAT Knockout™ exclusively to prepare for the ADAT?
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ADAT Knockout is designed to be a comprehensive, all inclusive resource, and we are very confident that you can score high with our resource alone. You could use First Aid/Mosby NBDE I and II if you’d like to review before you get started; or you can jump right in to our practice questions and let them guide you to, and improve on, your weaknesses. If you do decide to use old notes or review books, keep in mind that the ADAT is more selective with the type of content they like to test. So, try not to get bogged down by the minor details that you may come across in these resources. By using ADAT Knockout as a core resource, you’ll join thousands of students who mastered our content and performed exceptionally well!
How useful is ADAT Knockout™ for international (i.e., non-US based) dentists?
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The ADAT is meant to help programs assess your potential for success and if you score high it can increase your chances for acceptance. The ADAT was specifically designed to help dentists and dental students, from the US and international, apply to advanced education programs and become more competitive applicants, as well as give program directors a better way to assess applicants.

Of course, there are many more factors that play into an acceptance besides the ADAT, but a high score on your file can definitely help. Please take a look at the programs currently listed here, as they are more likely to consider the ADAT this cycle.
Does ADAT Knockout™ allow me to pause a test halfway through?
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Yes, you may pause any test by clicking on the timer.
Does ADAT Knockout™ allow me to save my answers to practice questions / full-length exams?
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Absolutely. As long as you are logged in, all attempts at a practice test will be saved to show the choices you selected.